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  1. Hi Aaronbob190 Regarding your issue of being stuck in the mining world it is my understanding that the Admins (who I am one of) would not be able to help you as only generictag can reset you. I will aim to have a chat with him tonight about you and Dunjlord being stuck in the mining world (probably about 9-10pm GMT as Generictag is in the US so has a different playtime to me and you (guessing your GMT from the time of your posts)). Also in reply to your comment about Admin activity - alot of the staff are in the USA as the server is based in states, this means alot of them will not be online when you are / are busy assisting Generictag with the server move. I am the only European Admin currently and I have been unavailable due to work commitments (Swanning off around Europe), I aim to return this weekend onwards so hopefully you should start seeing more Admins. Hopefully see you on the server shortly. S1n
  2. More staff apologies! Sadly this time it's mine, I have been called away on work and will struggle to get online over the next 2-3 weeks. I'll still be checking the forums etc
  3. is the sever down for everyone then at the moment or am i having an isolated issue?
  4. hes afk at the moment, hopefully its only a short one
  5. Just to let you know, not sure if Gen is aware, the mining world will not load anymore, when we attempt to warp to it using the warp / home commands it says invalid world.
  6. Frog, you're still in the chunk. I'm not sure whether Gen has contacted you yet, but if not please stop trying to log in until Gen contacts you to say the error is resolved.
  7. Andar, i left a message for you at the new mall.
  8. you should know your timing is always terrible frogman XD
  9. Low corpse, read the above replies. All moderator applications should be submitted to gen via a private message/conversation.
  10. This is getting rather irritating... it keeps going down for no apparent reason what so ever, it's like the server is fine one second then down the next with no warnings.
  11. Anyone know how long till server is back up?
  12. Will catch up with you guys tomorrow, seems the server went back down again.
  13. Yeah could do i guess, just wanted to finish my deathstar tonight