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  1. IGN:1i1strnj Why I want to join: I wanna join because I don't want to play on some ultra plug-inned server where a billion people join a day,and somewhere where rules are enforced.
  2. IGN: 1i1strnj age:13 Why do you want to join:Im looking for some people to play with Strengths in Minecraft:I can figure things out pretty quickly. How many years have you been playing MC: about 2 or 3 years. How much will you be playing: at least 1 hour a day,quite a lot more on weekends. Why you be posting vids to youtube: no
  3. Is maintenance being done?I haven't been able to connect to the server.
  4. Guess I didn't get in .Well thats probably because of me being a noob .Too bad I didn't,but all is ok .GL and have fun on the server!
  5. When will you show the accepted list?I can't wait to see if I got in or not!
  6. Hope I get in!And hopefully he'll show the list soon!I'm excited and slightly terrified.Im getting into Thermal Expansion for today and tomorrow on a single player world !
  7. IGN: 1i1strnj what is your age?: 12 Why do you want to join this server?: Because a nice smallish community would be nice,and for a n00b at AoTB like me Are you an explorer,builder or crafter?:I explore till I settle down,build then craft and probably expand at one point.so about 20% explorer,30% builder and 50% crafter. What do you expect from this server?: I expect a mature,friendly server where everyone doesn't just decimate the land,hoard the ore and at first sight kill them on spot.I do NOT want that. Are you going to record?:I have a channel,but I don't upload very often nor actual
  8. When will you get the server?And Im just about to delve into the ATB pack!
  9. What is your age?: 12(still mature though) Why do you want to join this server?: I wanna play ABT(Attack of the B-Team)and join a server.I was inspired by ChimneySwift to look at this,and I think this would be a nice way to be introduced to the mods,as Witchery and I think a few others are mainly multiplayer. Are you an Explorer,Builder or Crafter?:mostly a Builder or Crafter,but I explore once in a while. What do you expect from this server?:people who don't grief,a nice and friendly community Are you going to record?: Maybe,yes I do have a channel,and I want to,but I just don
  10. Is the server down?if so,that would explain the hour long "can't reach server"problem Im having. :(
  11. I must ask before joining.....WHY NO SWIFT WOLF RING!!!????Everybody uses it to get around,and it doesn't do much(or I can't figure out how to)and its a good way to get around.
  12. Name: 1i1strnj Age:14 Why are you joining: I want to join a server that has no banned items that I care about,and to join another tekkit community!
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