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  1. Hello, I was on the server and when i went to a machine my minecraft crashed and now when i try to log onto the server it says "Failed to verify username, session authentication server unavailable!" Please help
  2. I would really love to join the server. I was playing on one before but the owner went and destroyed everyone stuff. So i decided not to play any servers he ran. lol, i just love playing on small community servers
  3. Age: 12 IGN: Xkillerz137 Time Zone: Eastern (US and Canada) How long have you been playing Minecraft?: 1 and a half years How long have you been playing Tekkit?: 4 months Do you like any video games other than Minecraft, if so name some: Terraria, COD How much time would you dedicate to the server?:at least 3 hours a day Tell me in no less than 25 words what you can give to our server that noone else can: Great building's and little minigame ideas.
  4. Age 14 In game name : Xkillerz137 Location in USA: Michigan Reason why you want to join: Playing tekkit in singleplayer got boring so I really want to play with other people. A little about yourself: An aspiring youtuber. Spend alot of time either on PS3 or Computer. Really like the technical aspect of the game. Previous Servers: Cyncraft W/O Mods An Image of Previous Works: Dont have any pictures
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