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  1. Your Game NickName= |ingrid367 | Age= |12 | Reason why do you want to join this server?= | Im looking for a fun & friendly small community where I can build my thechnomagical empire and meet friends. | Experinced in tekkit?Yes or No= |Yes, been playing singleplayer for a year or so. | Do you swear that you will follow the rules?= | Yes, I swear that I will follow the rules
  2. Ingame Name:ingrid367 Reason of joining: I would like to be part of a fun & friendly community. Experience: Been playing single player for about a year now. Age: 12 Favorite mod: EE2
  3. Age:12 From: Sweden IGN:ingrid367 Games I play: Minecraft (tekkit, vanilla m.m), Civ V, Scribbelnauts, LoL, and more. experience with tekkit: Been playing for a year or so, specialist (or something) in EE2 tho I have experience with almost all the mods. Position (Builder,mod/admin, member, other): Member, mod or something. Id rather not be a builder because of lack of skills in that area. Mostly available (Night, Day, Weekday, Weekend): Weekends but I play during Weekday aswell ^^
  4. IGN:ingrid367 Age:12 Timezone:UTC +1 Tekkit experience: Been playing Tekkit for a while and Im pretty sure I know what I need to. Im a Technomage. (more mage tho) A little about yourself: Im a fun & friendly person but dont get on the wrong side of me (lol). I love tekkit and especially EE2. Never been banned in mc before and Im looking forward for a fun experience on the server! ^^
  5. Hi! I would like to join ^^ Name:Ingrid Minecraft Username:ingrid367 Age:12 Your long term minecraft project: A lab & a place to hang out with friends Why you want to play on this server: I want to play on this server because I like small servers where you can get to know people better & have a nice time. Also because I like that there is whitelist so no-one just joins and greif. //Ingrid
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