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  1. That's helpful information but sadly it doesn't much help me with the issue at hand.
  2. Thank you very much, I tried myself to search my log for a list of the items that have been dropped to see if I could create a list of everything lost and then NBT Edit them back into my game but sadly no such luck, couldn't find a list of my items and certainly couldn't remember them all so back to square one.
  3. Nope, there weren't too many items on the floor, I break my chests one at a time and make sure to pick up all items before breaking another. No DSU's either, plain basic MC chests. By all means question away, any help is appreciated really, yeah I know of a few minor bugs with P|R Backpacks too but never this major before, don't normally use P|R Backpacks myself but in AOTBT I'm pretty limited for choice.
  4. Okay so first off I went and built my new house way off in the distance and then travelled back to start transferring all my items to my new build. With 8 various backpacks on my hotbar I with a Tinker Construct Lumber Axe mined my chest knowing full well the items would drop to the floor. They did and I promptly started adding these items into the backpacks to once again free up my inventory. I repeated this over and over again until I filled the 3rd backpack and all my chests had been emptied, at first I questioned why so little of my stuff had been picked back up. I then questioned whether I had underestimated the size of the backpacks, neither of the two provided me with an answer, so in summary, I emptied all my chests and the items included using the Tinker Construct Lumber Axe, periodically added them to the backpacks. Finished that and realised I had lost thousands (in the very literal sense) of items. In terms of what I had, I cannot even begin to list, I'm currently trying to locate so method of listing what had been dropped at that time but cannot find anything. There is honestly far too much to mention.
  5. If anyone could help at all in the slightest or point me to someone who could, that would be awesome.
  6. Okay so I've been playing a pure survival game and I finally reached the point at which I outgrew my starting home. Whilst moving to my new home (already built), I emptied out the contents of my house and it's chests only to find that at the very least 1/16th of the items I had have now disappeared from existence. I was using the backpacks to transport my house items to my new home and I only stumbled across just how much I had lost or was missing once I noticed how little ingots I had having smelted them. Any help on this would be appreciated, really fuming, a lot of gametime I've spent on this survival.
  7. Okay, after 7 hours of hard research and various experiments I have come to the conclusion that the single most effective method of keeping the end of my railway where the chunks stopped loading active was to download and add the Chicken Chunks mod ( for MC version 1.5.2) (This is currently compatible with today's version of Hexxit) to my Hexxit modpack thus enabling me to use and craft the chunk loader item which ultimately solved my problem and enabled me to venture off into the vast landscape of my Hexxit world whilst my Chocobo's grow to full size and my farms auto collect Hope this helps anyone else that was tearing their hair out about this. XxDNAxX
  8. Okay, I'll start out by saying that I am playing a pure survival game, no commands, no cheats nothing but my own effort work and resources. I have already built a very very long mine extending across what would seem various chunks and have an automated item travel system identical to what is shown in this video ( ) (credit to creator). My issue is that although both ends of the system work and they correctly take and deploy items to and from the respective positions, the point at which the minecart & chest travels along the rails and leaves the chunk area that is loaded it continues to run until it gets to the end at which point the redstone signal that should be activated to empty the minecart & chest (which relies upon itself being that it is activated by the minecart) to remove items and return the minecart with chest back to point of origin doesn't work or activate. Any help? Tell me if none of this made sense by the way, I struggled to understand myself. If you watch the link to the system I am using and apply it across a very long distance until the point at which the chunks don't load you should see my issue. XxDNAxX
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