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  1. Hi MrPlowMan, I have followed your instructions for getting a server for Revisited up and running. The server starts ok but when I try to connect a client, the client flags 3 mods that are incompatible... Tconstruct, netherores, and one other. This is the version of FML I used (from the fml log) Forge Mod Loader version for Minecraft 1.7.10 loading Which I believe is the latest for 1.7.10. I'd appreciate any tips on where I may have gone wrong.
  2. Since the official hexxit is ....postponed, and after reading tunnelrats review I tried out revisited. Had a lot of fun. Played for 8 hours straight. As previously mentioned, it's true to the original, with some twists (blood moon). Didn't crash at all. Good stuff, thanks for putting the pack together.
  3. I did encounter massive lag on entering the Twilight Forest, accompanied by server console spam... No such biome in enum: Twilight Forest No such biome in enum: Twilight Forest...etc I googled it, and found this forum thread... http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding/minecraft-mods/1284684-v1-0-5-butterfly-mania-150-unique-butterflies?page=25 It seems that the butterflymania coder has patched it, so the latest version might cure this issue.
  4. Really looking forward to the next update Skuli, especially after reading your thoughts on what should and shouldn't be added. Great to hear that Legend Gear will be back in. Any memory hogs that get culled can only be a good thing. I'm pretty sure I speak for most Hexxit fans when I say thanks for putting in the hard yards so that we can adventure in 1.7.10land. I get the sense that you are a Hexxit fan too and that you are doing your best to retain as much as possible of the original. Kudos to you. oh, and the ore mobs, they aren't too tough at all, and kinda fun, breaking up the monotony of mining.
  5. Thanks for the update Skuli and Co. Enjoying the 3.0.0b a lot. It's tough but I think that is part of the fun. Just some advice for anyone playing the beta (esp. on a server, not sure it applies for singleplayer) I realise some of these have been mentioned here or on tracker. Don't try to put text on tombstones, it crashes server. Don't look at spawners, they crash the server. (this is also bad for SP) Don't try to kill enchanted mobs (the mobs that exude coloured bubbles), fighting them will crash the server. While these actions do crash the client and/or server they do not corrupt the world in a way that makes it unplayable Have found this update to be very solid.
  6. I've had no problems running the client, or playing multiplayer using "open to lan". I have not been able to get a server working. I get FML ID mismatches from the Better Dungeons mod (8262 > 8278) . I did not report it since Skuli and Kalbintion are working on a 1.7.10 version so I figured "why dwell on 1.6.4 errors?". Anyway, gotta say, I'm just happy that it's getting updated. Really appreciate the work you guys are doing. I do get smashed a lot more these days, without my golden boomerangs =)
  7. Targren Would you prefer bugs and crash reports be reported in this thread, or on the Hexxit tracker? Munaus Skuli wants them here, but it doesn't hurt if you posted on the Tracker When did that change?
  8. I have my own server setup. Occasionally I can open a door, but cannot walk through it. Also blocks will not be destroyed. I have found that logging off then on does not fix it. Changing form does not work either. I did cure it by creating a new folder, adding fresh server files, and running the launch.bat, then putting the old world into the fresh server folder. Can't work out what triggers the error, but it seems to be soon after I have logged back in. Great modpack guys, really enjoying it. A lava shortage is my only gameplay issue at the moment . Bat mode for flying around is cool, and squid mode for finding clay is handy.
  9. We have been playing hexxit for months, and for hours on end the last few days. It is a fantastic modpack. I would just like to thank the people who put it together. Easily the most fun I've had with minecraft. Props to the modders too. It's a shame we can't donate to the hexxit makers, I think they deserve it.
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