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  1. Username: Shiki_Ryogi Age:16 Why you want to join?: I really like the hexxit modpack and i like smaller communities ( because usually there are less trolls,griefers etc.) How experienced are you: I've been playing modded minecraft for about 2 years now and i've been playing minecraft for about 4 years now.
  2. Looking for fun servers to play on :D

    1. LuckyD405


      Visit Five Kingdoms Tekkit Lite! You'll love it

  3. IGN: Shiki_Ryogi Age: 15 Country: Netherlands Skype: multiniekie Teamspeak: I dont use teamspeak very frequently Will you be streaming or uploading?: maybe a stream but i dont know yet Do you enjoy building or just playing?: I like building and playing but i like collecting loot and conquering dungeons the most Rules: The rules seem fair to me so i accept them
  4. IGN:Shiki_Ryogi Skype:multiniekie Age:15 Name:Niek I love small servers and i love hexxit :D
  5. IGN: Shiki_Ryogi First Name: Niek Skype: multiniekie Age:15 Paragraph: I'm looking for a small server where people are friendly to each other and people just have fun. I enjoy making builds based of pop culture and i'm a reasonable builder. I look forward to playing with you all
  6. Hi, i would love to join your server Age:15 Reason: I love small communities where there are no griefers and trolls and people are actually friendly and helpful to each other
  7. Ign: Shiki_Ryogi Age: 14 years old Do you have any experience playing Attack of the B-Team?: Yes i've played it on some smaller servers Do you acknowledge that cheating,stealing and griefing will get you removed from the server?: Yes nobody likes being griefed and i totally understand this rule Do you have skype: multiniekie Will you listen to any sort of rules that will be applied: Yes the rules sound reasonable Timezone?: Central European Time zone Astarte <3
  8. IGN: Shiki_Ryogi Skype: multiniekie Age: 14 Why do you want to join: I like servers with small communities where there are no hackers,trolls,griefers etc and people just have fun Experience with AotB-T: I know some witchery,tinkers construct and flans but i haven't had much experience with the more technical mods
  9. What is your minecraft name?: Shiki_Ryogi Do you agree the rules, stated above?: yes i do Do you have any questions, not listed in the questions and answers: no do you have any bans on record?: no i dont have bans 7: have you played on any other hexxit servers?: Yes but normally its full of douches who spawnkill,grief,spam etc.
  10. Hi can i join your hexxit server?

    IGN: Shiki_Ryogi

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