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  1. Help! I spawned in a Nether Dragon (by vanilla, no cheating or creative) and I'm trying to feed it raw fish. I have got it up to where there's only half a heart left, but it says "This dragon doesn't follow your commands." Am I doing something wrong? I'm new to this modpack, and I can't figure it out. Please help! Thank you! *Captain Jack Sparrow was here*
  2. Trying to solve problems so I can play Attack of the B-Team!

  3. I have internal server errors, and now I have this problem. Does anybody know how to fix this? http://postimg.org/image/pfjxlmjz7/
  4. There are Wikis and the forum pages for the mods. What do you plan on starting with?
  5. I am unfortunately having issues with the "Attack of the B-Team" mod pack. Every time I start a new world in sed modpack, I go 5 minutes in, clear down a few trees, and it crashes saying "Internal Server Error" and it brings me to the menu of quitting out of my game browser, or going back to the start menu. I know the issue is my graphics card. I have quite a good gaming computer, I can handle quite alot of games, but sadly, I am poor and not able to afford a graphics card now or any time soon. Is there a possibility, however way it may take, to install the Optifine mod? That is all I
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