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  1. Seems to be an influx of issues here lately. My launcher won't play any of the modpacks. Here's the log. http://pastebin.com/GGJ1mKE2 I've not played Minecraft in a few months and went to hop on ATBT and was prompted to update the modpack and then my Java to 8. Did so and it wouldn't play. So I uninstalled Java 8 and reinstalled 7. Didn't seem to make a difference. Removed the Launcher and all associated files. Redownloaded and still seeing the same issue. Checked some of the other threads and it didn't seem like my issue was quite the same. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. So on the first post it says the only mod banned is the furniture mod. That's a lie. Seems like everytime I log in you guys have removed another mod from the game. This is missing half of the best potions of the Bteam pack. Advanced Portals, Open Blocks, Crayfish, Saintspack to start the list. I don't know what's with the misinformation on the first post but it should be updated.
  3. So looks like its not good news. r.-2.-2.mca is the problem file. Deleting this from my region folder will stop me from disconnecting. But without it I have none of the items I've placed. tried a Region Fixer and it couldn't find any issue with the files so looks like its unsaveable.
  4. Well I'm working on it now. I found that if I replaced the region file with a different region file from another save that my game would quit saving. That unfortunately deleted all the blocks I'd placed down so I'm trying to play with the different files and see if a certain file is responsible and will let me keep my structures.
  5. Requirements: 16 or older, some experience with the mod pack, not much as it is pretty new, logins atleast once every 2 weeks. Minecraft username: AgressiveIn Are you over 16? I'm 27 Do you plan to put footage on youtube? No Why you want to join? Looking for a good small server to join. Been playing solo and I feel like this modpack really needs multiplayer to get the most out of it.
  6. More info Game updated today and still having issue. I have to believe something I did in game caused a problem. Would catching a t-rex and brachiosaurus in the mob catchers cause an issue. Creating a new world I have no issues. I can log in and see all my stuff but after about 13 seconds the game closes and says shutting down internal server then goes back to the technic screen. Doesn't seem to matter what I do. Releasing them did not help.
  7. I'm having the exact same issue. The game was working fine up till the past 2 days. As far as in game stuff this is right around the time I went into the TropicCraft realm. Whether that is related or not. I can't play as the game keeps crashing and their is no error/crash report. I don't know what's causing the problem.
  8. Same problem here. Changed the textures of all the bricks I had spent hours laying the other day...
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