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  1. http://bdcraft.net/community/pbdc-patches-rel-packs/attack-the-team-wip-t1800.html one of the more recent posts. chisel and tropicraft are pretty much the only things that haven't been done
  2. what other possible thought process leads to someone ranting about mansplaining and gender politics in a thread about lego fighting game mods? or you know, literally attacking someone for being female i don't even care about his posts in particular, it's the general attitude towards criticism that's the problem. the modpack is hella fun but people are going nuts at the slightest complaint. even if a complaint is completely unwarranted in every way it shouldnt result in everyone flipping shit, you can disagree without being overly reactionary. someone saying that they were disappointed in the modpack, while kinda dumb and not particularly constructive, shouldn't result in a tirade of angry paragraphs. take some baby aspirin or something dang nope
  3. on par with a staff member posting in big red text "u mad" over and over again because lol its 2007 especially since i didnt criticize the game in any way? im criticizing the way people are criticizing someone who criticized the modpack. that is how meta and dumb this all is. staff members shouldnt be raising pitchforks and acting like angry 4chans trying to 1-up other angry 4chans youre still being weirdly aggressive yup and lmao what else would you call like where did any of that come from. there is nothing in there that would have been casually brought up, it was completely irrelevant other than "oh the op is a woman battlestations"
  4. did you read the posts? he was literally saying to beat women till they listen to you. that is not just a "certain opinion"
  5. the dude is literally advocating assaulting women. what is wrong with you
  6. i didn't see the complaint as saying anything along those lines. i saw it as someone saying that some mods seem to make others a bit redundant which was met with a crazy amount of hostility which led to an overreaction on behalf of the op. and that same guy made completely random attacks towards the op based on what? female poster spotted time to start ranting about social justice and trigger warnings even though it has nothing to do with anything mentioned in the slightest! holy shit this person should be in prison and suddenly his random comments about gender make a lot of sense
  7. this is a pretty baby-like way to handle a complaint, legitimate or not particularly when you're ignoring terrible terrible comments from a crazy mens rights red pill shitlord because they happen to agree with you on a subject
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