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  1. I tried to play it today and it told me I should update it. Okay, cool. I clicked okay and waited for a little bit. The loading bar was doing its thing and then I got a error message saying there was Error updating the following pack: Attack of the B-Team. So I closed the launcher and tried to play the mod pack without updating. I got through to the "Mojang" loading screen and it said there was a problem with Forge Mod Loader, I do believe. So, bottom line, it won't update to the newest version of the pack nor will it let me play without updating? PLEASE HELP
  2. Thanks! I changed to recipe mode and I got all the recipes! Do you have any idea how to add Optifine though? I don't how to do it in "vanilla" minecraft, let alone a heavily modded .minecraft file! And I found the the Tinker's construct axe and it's basically the same thing as TreeCapitator!
  3. Hey guys! First off, let me start by saying the mod pack is AWESOME. It fits my needs perfectly and I love it. Been playing it for dayz! I never used a Technic pack before because all the mods were so... industrial and complex! Too much work to figure out and everything. This one is the perfect balance of fun and complexity! But, I have some suggestions! I almost wrote this on GenerikB's video but I figured the forum was a better place. First: CraftGuide- There are so many mods in this pack and not everyone knows how to craft everything. There is probably a way to find the item in NEI or TMI and find the recipe but I cant seem to find out how. (If anyone can tell me, that'll be great!) Second: Optifine- Well, obvious reasons! It boosts your frame rate and it has that handy zone thing going on! Also, theres probably a way to add it manually but I can't figure out how and I will most likely mess it up! Last but not least: TreeCapitator- I love this mod and it would go perfect with the mod pack because so many trees are really big and complex and really hard to get all the wood! I hope you keep these suggestions on your mind when you're looking for "more mods" to add. Thanks! EDIT; Handy ZOOM thing going on for Optifine, SORRY