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  1. MC name: mariofrans age: 21 lokking for in this server: looking for a minemal grifing server with not so many people. Have you played on APOC Gaming before? no i have not Would you be interested in becoming staff? no
  2. WHat? i got banned for nothing!!! it says The Ban Hammer Has Spoken! what do that mean?? i have done nothing wrong and i love this server much! I am Mariofrans btw
  3. Can you add my brother baardseth in the server? he is a good friend of mine
  4. Me and my friend would love to join this server! Name him:(in game) stemning Age: 16 Name me: (in game) mariofrans Age: 16 We have watched Bdubs, GennyB, Keralis and chims videos. So we are some pretty dencent players. We also like to help and talk too other players.!
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