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  1. IGN: MockTurtle7 Reason you want to join: Small community servers are rare, and I cannot really enjoy the massive player based server. So I want to join here to hang around with a small group of players while I can experience parts that I haven't found in B-Team. I want to build some connections in B-Team, with the players, doing what I love to do. Age : 20 Favorite Mod: Tinkers' Construct and Thermal Expansion + Morph Favorite thing to do in Minecraft: accidentally building a magnificent landmark and uncovering mysterious parts of mods Youtube : Only watching (at the moment) Building Ability: 6
  2. I wish you would spend more time and consider reapplication. It is due to the same reason as the application above. This is not just for you Marksky345, but for all applicants: I have to say that applicants must give good reasons but not so much of personal matters. I hope people do not read this so lightly. I am developing this with a good base of stories and ideas of entertainment. It would not just end in the middle of nowhere. I know that the screenshots that I have brought looks terrible. But the project has just begun. So I am anticipating some lengthy work over a year. I will bring lores and concepts very soon. I am planning Twitchtv broadcast as well. So I can take opinions from players and show them how it develops and should develop. But that will take place just as soon as I change my equipment. My current PC cannot multitask with any heavy modpack on. I am expecting an improvement to happen in April or May, after the Easter holidays. If no one shows up by then, I will carry this out by myself anyway.
  3. I am sorry to say this, but I have to turn down your application for now. Your application seems very shallow.
  4. Index: Screenshots Mod list Server IP General Themes Server Rules Banned Items Plugins Applications Extra Information The server is strictly private, and has a rigorous standard for whitelisting. As soon as the server finishes development, it may (but barely) have an opportunity to open to public. The time of development phase is not determined at the moment. These mods/add-on's below are currently included in the modpack. The modpack URL will be given through your application. s45.hosthorde.com:25698 Server contains one skyblock world and one adventure world. Skyblock is based on a mod, Ex Nihilo by Erasmus_Crowley with its companion map by QuantumBlade, which has been well-adjusted to SMP. Apart from the main mod, it is possible for players to gradually accelerate their development in-game because of the industrial nature of the modpack (Thermal Expansion, Applied Energistics and more). Due to mods that cannot generate their own ores and materials in the skyblock map, it is necessary to obtain them in another world. Adventure world is based on a mod, Custom NPCs by Noppes. It has its unique systems of story development and gameplay, mostly resembling RPG games. For PvP features, there will be arenas and WarZone where two big factions of the server compete. Other systems might also be added as the development goes on. Respectful life Entertain yourself Beware of the edges The server currency is based on Custom NPCs mod. All the coins are available to be converted from one to another. e.g. 16 stone coins to 1 bronze coin During the development phase, suggestions and recommendations of features (mods, map structures, plugins and so on) are welcome. However, we do NOT assure the implementation of the features in the server, and suggestions and recommendations that are eye-sores (inappropriate formatting), as well as offend any rights or copyrights of any authors or the server members will be handled with careful restrictions or banning. The new lores and stories of the adventure world must be approved by the server owner, MockTurtle7 a.k.a magic465. Re-distribution of the modpack or any mod in the modpack will be considered piracy. For more information of what not to do, simply scroll down 1. Usage Force Wrench (DartCraft) Matter Cannon (Applied Energetics) Hammers (Tinkers' Construct) Alumentum (Thaumcraft) Excavators (Tinkers' Construct) Lumber Axes (Tinkers' Construct) Chisels (Tinkers' Construct) Deforestator (Gizmos) Miner's Lighter (Gizmos) Build Tool (Gizmos) 2. Placing Florbs (Thermal Expansion) 3. Crafting Custom NPC tools except of Carpentry Bench; 4. Having None Tested Yet 5. Client-side modification (items banned from the system) None Tested Yet Server management Essentials Vault GroupManager WorldEdit WorldGuard Multiverse VoxelSniper Gameplay Ultimate Skyblock *URL to the modpack will be given once accepted. Aesthetically pleasing formats are important and required! Prove your capability as a writer, builder, creator and/or more. Pictures are fun! Sample Format: IGN: magic465; Description: blah blah; What I love and hate: blah blah (of course, 'copy and paste' will not work on this application! it's only a sample) No plagiarism or copying from your past applications to any other servers. It takes your reasonable time to put efforts into the application. No PM or Emailing: write your application on this There is no second time. Do not give us two applications on this post. Going against certain application rules may result in ban. e.g. #5 Lastly, give us one aspect from each segment of this post that you like or do not like. e.g. Banned Item -- Force Wrench: it is an awesome tool that can perfect Minecraft! e.g. Server Rules -- Re-distribution of the mods is against the rights/copyrights. Offensive/Abusive language will NOT be tolerated lightly. Know your co-players well, and adjust yourself to them. Give them respect whoever they would be. This is very alike the rules of the Technic Forum such as no racist, sexist or homophobic language. Zero tolerance to attack on personal/offline matters: however, reports are crucial. Major problems, if any, are discussed together while the final decision is up to the staff on higher positions.
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