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  1. IGN: MockTurtle7 Reason you want to join: Small community servers are rare, and I cannot really enjoy the massive player based server. So I want to join here to hang around with a small group of players while I can experience parts that I haven't found in B-Team. I want to build some connections in B-Team, with the players, doing what I love to do. Age : 20 Favorite Mod: Tinkers' Construct and Thermal Expansion + Morph Favorite thing to do in Minecraft: accidentally building a magnificent landmark and uncovering mysterious parts of mods Youtube : Only watching (at the moment) Building Ab
  2. I wish you would spend more time and consider reapplication. It is due to the same reason as the application above. This is not just for you Marksky345, but for all applicants: I have to say that applicants must give good reasons but not so much of personal matters. I hope people do not read this so lightly. I am developing this with a good base of stories and ideas of entertainment. It would not just end in the middle of nowhere. I know that the screenshots that I have brought looks terrible. But the project has just begun. So I am anticipating some lengthy work over a year. I wil
  3. I am sorry to say this, but I have to turn down your application for now. Your application seems very shallow.
  4. Index: Screenshots Mod list Server IP General Themes Server Rules Banned Items Plugins Applications Extra Information The server is strictly private, and has a rigorous standard for whitelisting. As soon as the server finishes development, it may (but barely) have an opportunity to open to public. The time of development phase is not determined at the moment. These mods/add-on's below are currently included in the modpack. The modpack URL will be given through your application. s45.hosthorde.com:25698 Server contains one skyblock world and one adventure world. Skyblock
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