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  1. Dude this server is allways down if youve stoped opening it up you should say so!
  2. IGN: jesfer227 age: 14 I wish to join this server because i want to play on a server with people who might actually not destroy all my stuff (i hope) and i mean really just look at the mods in this mdpack most of them can only be enjoyed to there full extent with other players and thats about it okay hope thou reads this.
  3. So third try for whitelist right here well third times the chram right? well anyway my ign is: jesfer227 iam currently 14 years of age and am located in sweden the reason for me wanting to play on this server really is as simple as this i want to play on a server with mature and frinedly people who dont destroy all my builds thanks for taking the time to read this ill eagerly await to see wheter im gonna be whiteliste dor not.
  4. ign: jesfer227 age 14 the reason i want to join this server is pretty much the same as everyone else i just dont want to go through the modpack alone and i dont wanna go onto a non whitelist server for fear of trolls and griefers.
  5. ign: jesfer227 Age: 14 Why i want to join: Because me and my friend (who i also hope gets whitelisted) have long searched for a server with realativley friendly player and a generaly feel good feeling and i belive this might be it.
  6. So i updated attack of the b-team to 1.0.7a and now i cant conect to the server...please help.
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