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  1. TargetParadox, I applyed for your server and you sent me a pm saying I was accepted and would soon receve the server details. You have not contacted me since then I have tryed to send you messages but you have not replyed I you could get in touch with me (Seen as you have set up the server) - aao_kings
  2. 1.aao_kings 2. I had an old youtube chanal that released content but the username and password got lost i'm in the prosses of setting up a new chanal and hope this can be one of my starting up series. If you what you can see my old chanal LucaasXander but I think all the vidios are gone I have done colabs with friends natanaial coran and varaid and I thinkk some of my content may be there if you wish to look it up. 3. Yes 4.14 almost 15 5. used to same, reason ans question 2. I have got Dxtory for a recording sofware and have a powerful microphone to make some good content. 6.Yes 7.I hope so (Agreed) If you what to contact me my skype is alex.h.kingsbury Hope you Day/night goes well and hope your chanal goes well aao_kings
  3. Saying 'mature' do you mean there is a age limit and if so what is it if not what do you consider mature?
  4. 1/name: Alex 2/IGN: aao_kings 3/Age: 14 4/skype: alex.h.kingsbury 5/Have you been banned from a server: no 6/location: Uk 7/Nationality: Brithish 8/How long a day do you plan to play on the server: 3 hour every day or more 9/why do you want to be on this server: because I enjoy playing with a good comuity and have been looking arround since the last servre I played solidly on went down. I hope that ill be able to meet and play with great people. I also hope to start doing youtube on this. 10/hobbies: I enjoy vedio games as well as cycling and running. I also enjoy legos 11/Any further questions?: not really Hope you reply soon and hope your server does well.
  5. IGN: aao_kings Skype: alex.h.kingsbury Age: 14 -15 Hope you can reply soon and hope your server goes well!
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