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  1. I have a skype, but I don't do video chat, it crashes my computer. I do have a youtube, but I don't post videos myself.
  2. Age: 14 IGN: isit2004 how often will you play on the server? Almost Daily are you willing to play fair? Yes will you respect other players and their stuff/ builds? Yes
  3. IGN: isit2004 Why you should be accepted?: Because I like to work on my machines, help others with resources and be helped as a community, I love to do small public projects like public power, etc. What mod do you plan to focus on?: I plan to focus on Witchery and Thermal Expansion. What do you like to do in Minecraft/AOTB (ex. Build, Explore, etc.): I love to build and prank others. When I say prank, I don't mean grief. I mean do small, funny things that make everyone laugh.
  4. GN (In game name) Isit2004 Reason you want to join: I've really been looking for a good Attack of The B-Team server, but all public ones are griefed with, well, grief. My hope is that a whitelist will be nice and friendly. Age (Optional): 14 Favorite Mod: Thermal Expansion Favorite thing to do in Minecraft: Make redstone stuff, make contraptions, play modpacks and make efficient machines. Youtube (If you dont have one it wont beat your chances of joining): Building Ability on Scale of 1 to 10 (ex: 1=Dirt House 10=Keralis): 5
  5. Minecraft name: isit2004 Where are you from? Texas, United States of America, North America, Northern Hemisphere, Western Hemisphere, Earth, Sol System, Milk Way Galaxy, Our Local Group, Universe Why are you applying?: Because I want a good, closed server to play on with friendly users, and whitelisted servers tend to have alot less griefers and trolls. How well do you know the mods in this modpack?: Very well. How old are you?: Under 18 How often do you think you will be on the server?: Every day.
  6. App: IGN: isit2004 What is your favorite mod in the pack? Tinker's Construct are you a builder, explorer, or tech genuis? Tech Genius/explorer How well do you know the mods? I know many of them extremely well.
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