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  1. took me a week to figure this out but the reason i have constantly been crashing is because it isnt deleting the meta inf
  2. Launcher/pack Version: Operating System: winXP (32) Version of Java: jdk 1.7.0 Description of Problem: client crashes on loading a specific chunk on my server there is nothing on the server logs Link to pastebin of log: http://pastebin.com/dAMjzuFG and ffs, i read the damn stickies, nothing worked besides removing the level completely
  3. obiously you didnt read my post, it did update for no reson oh and i made a cool skin in a game called minecraft it took me like 20 minutes in paint my friend said it sucked but he isnt my firend now, i think you people will have a better taste of skins
  4. i tried but i ended up with a hole in my monitor, its a good 2 cm and whenever i look at it it makes me happy
  5. sorry but it did i also got a corrupt level.dat it said "needs to be converted" i spawned in a lava pool and seconds later it crashed
  6. *facepalm* you guys keep blaming me while ignoring that it downloaded the wrong version AND a moderator told me that it will back up EVERYTHING in the mods folder before updating it was first at manual build selection for 2.1.0 then it updated to the dev build for no reson i had to reinstall the technic launcher manually to get it to finally download 2.1.0 just for me to find that it didnt back up my stuff before downloading the dev build
  7. programs go in mods/computercraft/lua/ i simply store the backups in mods/computercraft do you people know anything about computercraft?
  8. i did, in the computercraft folder, and there is absolutaley nothing that could permanently delete it besides me and a program like the technic launcher
  9. apparently you didnt read, my programs were in mods/computercraft/ not in my world the backup dosent store that for some stupid reson oh and there is no restore point either
  10. im gona put up a fake thread closed sign so everyone has to look at my stupid avatar
  11. launcher version: os: windows 7 64 bit java: JDK 7u4 64 bit well it said there was an update available so i pressed yes then it deleted my mods/computercraft/ folder containing my hours of work and there was nothing in the backups it turns out it randomly downloaded the latest dev build even when i selected 2.1.0 manually, ruining my world and deleting my hours of work on computercraft programs fuck you technic launcher
  12. i have the balls to post a meaningless post on a stickied thread
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