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  1. Name: Mark Minecraft IGN: alphabitg Age: 18 Skype Name: I'll pm this if I am accepted Timezone: EST (New York) A little about yourself?: I am an 18 year old looking for an awesome small AOTBT server to play on and have fun with. I love building in minecraft and that's why I love this modpack, i just want to play with other people now instead of playing alone on single player. Why do you want to join?: I want to join because I am looking for a small community server and this one seems perfect!, no banned items and a fresh start! How experienced are you with this modpack?: 9 (I've been pl
  2. In Game Name: alphabitg Age: 18 Location: Princeton, New Jersey Have much experience with ATBT or its mods?: Yes, I have been playing this modpack non-stop since it came out earlier this year, I'm bored of playing Single player and this server sounded perfect! How often do you expect to play?: Everyday for around 4 hours, maybe longer on the weekends
  3. Your IGN: alphabitg What is your age? 18 Why do you want to join this server?- I would like to oin this server because I am looking for a small whitelisted server with little mods banned. I want to have a great experience playing this modpack with other people instead of alone. Are you a explorer, builder or crafter?- I love to build and I believe Attack of the B-Team is the best for that What do you expect from this server?- A small friendly community where rules aren't too strict but are enforced Are you going to record? Yes i would like to start a series for YouTube Are you willing t
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