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  1. All information can be found on the mod's issue tracker: https://github.com/Qmunity/BluePower/issues/418
  2. All details on the mod's issue tracker: https://github.com/sinkillerj/ProjectE/issues/1061
  3. Server IP: bteam.mineyourmind.net (we are on the recommended version of bteam, if you can´t connect check the version in the motd of the server) Website: mineyourmind.net Setup: Griefprevention for easy protections Custom protection extension (to make all stuff secure and keep the banlist small) Global Market (create listings and buy stuff) CPU 1270v3 + ECC Ram(one of the worlds best cpus for minecraft) Level3 backbone (for a low latency world wide / good ping) Multi-Server Community Global Ranks (shared between all our servers) Experienced Team If you don´t like our concept and are looking for an active server without whitelist, you might want to take a look to an b-team server list.
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