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  1. 1.DarleneT 2. Darlene Trinh 3. Of course ! 4.12 5. I guess so.. 6. Who doesn't love pranking? 7. I hate greifers. Hope to see you there
  2. IGN: DarleneT AGE: 12 HAVE YOU GOT BANNED ON ANY OTHER SERVERS?: No WHY YOU WANT TO PLAY ON THE SERVER?: I've been looking for regular servers because I don't want to play on the ones where they add many things, just playing with others. HOW WELL DO YOU KNOW THE MODS?: I have watched videos on them. WHY I SHOULD LET YOU ON?: I won't break any of those rules because I can't find a regular server. HOW OFTEN WILL YOU BE ON?: Probably everyday.
  3. When I join it says the following micro blocks are not installed on this client: tile.blockDiamond, tile.blockEmerald, tile.blockGold, tile.blockLapis, tile.bookshelf (and other blocks)
  4. When I downloaded Technic Launcher on my Mac it worked, but when I tried to launch Attack of the B-Team it showed up an error and with all the other mod packs. I have Java version 7. Please help me !
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