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  1. I opened it a couple of times where it kept asking for new cores and different mods which i installed until it asked me to install Industrial craft 2, which was already in the mod-pack. So I did a double check that I had installed it properly but still i was asked to install it. I might be something with the minecraft.jar since I'm allot of different videos showed different ways to install it and the Technic guide wasn't exactly "step-by-step" precise. If you want i can post Mod-URL ?
  2. Well met peeps and peepsies! As you read in the title I have the dream of putting together a mighty mod-pack! But sadly I am quite the greeny at making mod-packs and could really use some help. I promise you a great treasure for your help in creating this mod-pack! A "Mighty Thank You!" from me, regrettably i can't promise you anything else so i hope that it will suffice! I don't think there will be allot of work to be done since I've done everything that the Technic guide told me to do. I hope that one of you experienced, brave, helpful people out there will be willing to join me i
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