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  1. On the server I play on we used the enhanced portals a lot to move around, and there can be quite a few of us going between areas, especially since we have a localized town area that we can all branch off into areas with. I notice the "ticks" time on all the portals are 36 seconds. Ive tried to manually tick it down to 5 seconds, but it never sticks. It always resets to 36 after closing the window. Im told theres a way to permanently change it, but I cant figure out how. It is my first "big" modpack and the first that actually uses enhanced portals. Any help appreciated, is there a way to change the time on the portal staying open permanently? Thanks!
  2. With the 10b changes I realize (as shown in b-team videos) that steam turbines no longer work. Unfortunately since this was so easy before its all I used for power, and I have neglected to research possible power supplies. This is my first modpack too, so Im not very versed in the different mods within it. My question here is what are my possible power supply options? Ill be doing research, but I figure fellow modpack players would have experience in what works or doesnt work in this specific one Someone mentioned using liquid exp and some sort of dynamo, but didnt go into much detail. I have plenty of exp to use, mob essence is easy to make but time consuming for me. However, I struggle for conventional fuel sources (coal and charcoal are very low for me because Ive not had much need for them). Thanks I will of course be looking around so I can educate myself on the power supplies in the meantime.
  3. Ive found salt recently. I usually get it 5-10 layers under the ocean floor. So far Ive found it relatively close to the Sandstone layers. I havent found it deep enough to hit the black rocks.
  4. Best test for if your computer can handle it is to go ahead and download it, and see yourself. Ive known people with excellent computers (spec-wise) who cant run a pc game decently, and others with "horrible" computers who yet still manage to run games perfectly. Also for the ram, just googling "increase ram for minecraft" will get you results. Im no expert at all, but thats what I did to find some answers. There are quite a but of nice tutorials you could find. Other players are quite nice and generous I used it and other research to run a server at 4 gb ram and my client at another 3. On average, the server uses 1-1.5 at most, and the client (for b-team) usually matches it. As said, you really want a 64 bit to host a server (because you can dedicate more ram). Hope this helps, from a relatively newbie to another.
  5. Update: Never mind! I found somewhere else that you are supposed to run Launch.bat instead of the server jar or another bat file. So they all loaded and worked! I guess Ill just leave this here in case some other noobie derp like me searches for this. Sorry!
  6. Ive done some searching and havent found a reason or solution to this. I am running the latest Attack of the B-Team client and downloaded the latest server package. I run the server fine, all up and running perfectly. However, while everything else works (were avoiding known things that cause lag such as the Dubstep guns and so on, and it is only four of us maximum at any one time), we all notice that none of us can use the Morph mod. Whenever we press [ (the brackets), the little side-sqaure/interface comes out, but is completely blank. It will work for each of us in a singleplayer world (where it shows our character there given we have no morphs to go into), but on the server that box is completely blank, translucent and clear. No player icon shows in there. Also, killing things does not force us into a morph and does not show up in the sidebar. None of us know why, although somehow magically one of the other guys got it to work for about 10 minutes (he cant remember what he did though ). Im wondering if anyone else knows the cause or how to fix it? This is really the only thing glitching out in the pack for us so far that we really would like to have. Thanks! Update: Also notice the tree decay speed is back to normal as well on the server, instead of super fast like we each have in singleplayer