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  1. Not sure if you are still looking for players but I'd love to join if you'll have me! Age: 28 IGN: smash_8 Favorite Mod: too many to choose from Most Used Mod: Thermal Expansion Knowledge of AOTBT 1-10 - 9 Skype: ashley.elizabeth.third
  2. IGN: smash_8 Age: 28 Why do you want to join: I've been looking for a good, community type Attack of the B-Team server to play on for about a month now. I enjoy playing with people who like to have fun and interact with others on the server. I really wanted to start recording LP vids on youtube basically just for fun because I have the time now, but mainly cause I'm a big fan of a lot of the minecrafters on youtube and its something I always thought I could do and always wanted to try. Strengths in Minecraft: I really love playing with the tech mods and I enjoy making the game work for me, but I love the idea exploring this modpack because there are so many FUN mods to play around with. How many years have you been playing MC: 3 years How much will you be playing: Usually daily, unless work doesn't allow me - 2-4 hours a day, sometimes more Microphone: yup! Will you be posting vids to Youtube: I'd like to Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/smash8able/ PS...I'm a female if you are looking for more
  3. Ha! Figured I'd get some flack for the lady thing, no worries about offending...I have thick skin and I can joke with the best of em
  4. Hey hey! If you are still looking for players I am definitely interested. I've been looking for a server to play on and to start a youtube LP on. I think this mod pack is perfect for a youtube series, especially when you get a good core group of players that want to have fun and not take the game too serious. I love the official b-team server videos and I think it would be great to be apart of a fun server like that. My IGN is - smash_8 Not a youtuber yet, but I've been watching minecraft LPs for a long time now and I've never gotten tired of them and I always thought it was something I could do. Never really had time with my job and school but my schedule has opened up so I have a lot more time to dedicate to it now. Looking to put out at least 2-3 vids a week. I also have everything to set up to start recording I was hoping I could start off with this modpack since its so damn fun, just need a good group since this pack is way more fun with others. Youtube channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLQEIlfqTXAAlEPd3i77bzg (no vids yet I'm a 28 year old female gamer who loves the tech mods, but I'm definitely interested in getting into the funky stuff like witchery and necromancy. Hope to hear from ya!
  5. I use an mfr autospawner and grinder setup with a safari netted enderman. Voila! Endless pearls :-)
  6. I've been having some issues with my server crashing, unfortunately I can't figure this one out. Any help would be appreciated! Crash report: http://pastebin.com/jNrhCqAg
  7. i have a new small server with about 5 active players, all over the age of 21 and it runs 24/7. We are looking for a couple more mature players to join us to help build the server up a bit but also have fun doing stuff on their own. If you are interested i could send ya the info :-)
  8. I guess I should have also mentioned that when I first put the malfunctioning elevator blocks they worked for awhile, but seemed to all of a sudden stop working. The only thing I can think of that changed between it working and not working is adding some redstone signals to the room, but as far as I am aware, I didn't think the two interacted. If I'm wrong, let me know!
  9. Thanks for the reply, but yes. I've check both of those things
  10. So I'm having an issue with the elevator blocks. I have 2 elevators set up (4 blocks total), but they are separated. 2 blocks are on one side of a room and 2 are on the other. The thing is, 1 of the elevators set-up works, the other one doesn't. Its not an issue blocks being in between or the drop blocks being too far apart, and its not an XP issue because both of those have been fixed in the config file. Just wondering if anyone else has been having problems using the elevator blocks???
  11. Interesting, that could be my problem with the itemducts. Thx! Will check it out
  12. This happened to me on my server last night, checked everything over for 15 mins and everything checked out. I thot someone on the server was messing around with voodoo (lol) but i didnt think that was actually possible so i logged out for a few mins and came back and all worked out fine. Except now im having the same issue with my itemducts.
  13. I had the same issue over a LAN server, had to stop using them. I've looked for answers myself but haven't come across any :/ I've heard of a lot of people disabling them on multi player servers due to a glitch, I'm guessing that is probably the reason. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful.
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