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  1. Minecraft username: Mystogans_Law Where you found this server? Technic Forum Why you want to be on this sever? Because i want to play on a whitelisted server so i don't have to worry about griefers and being killed all the time i have been lookng for awhile and have applied to others to no avail hopefully this time i will get whitelisted i wish to play and build with other people to fully enjoy this modpack i find that whitelisted servers are worth trying to get onto and that the community is friendlier and nicer i hope you consider me What are you planning on doing on the server? i plan to build and explore i want to enjoy the modpack as much as i can and help other people build what they want to build Your favorite colour? my favorite colors are Blue, Red, Green, Purple and Black
  2. Hello wondering if you are still accepting in new players or if its closed now if its closed please add it to the forum so we will know to stop commenting and if you are still accepting i hope you consider me ^^
  3. IGM: MystogansLaw Skype: MystogansLaw or [email protected] AGE: 18 Why you want to join the server: been looking for a white listed server to enjoy and wanting to play with other people without having to worry about who will kill me and take my stuff and destroying my base, i want to enjoy this modpack with nice and friendly people where i can either join them or help them build but live on my own i hope you consider me for join thank you
  4. Your IGN: MystogansLaw Your age: 18 A short blurb about why you want to play on this server (What you're looking for, what you'd be excited to do, etc.): I've always loved playing minecraft and have been playing on a few servers but i always get raided and griefed so I've been looking for white listed servers then i found this modpack and i thought a perfect new start and so i found this forum and really wanted to join in i'm a friendly guy i love building and love to help others i hope i get picked to join and can't wait to see you all there ^^
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