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  1. Hello Everyone! I have found myself coming back over and over to visit the wonderful forums here and see if anyone has responded to my previous posts. I realize there is a whole section to request a modpack, but I have wanted to team up with 1-3 people to work on a modpack of epic proportions. I want to learn, but am having a lot of trouble with compatibility and really want to turn this into a server as well. Mac or PC is fine, I run mac. If you're interested, please contact me ASAP! I also want to make this a YouTube series if you're interested. I've looked through forums to find who made the major mod packs, but found no contacts, but think starting small could be cool too! Thanks for taking time to read this, and hope to speak to you soon!
  2. Could you help me add more mods to the pack? As of now I have 37 mods that are all compatible, but want to add Thermal Expansion, Microblocks, Openblocks, MineFactory Reloaded, and Girlfriends.
  3. I made a mod pack myself and I've been asking around, because I know that it works, but it's only going to be private. The last step in my mod pack is to make it into a private server. I bought a MCProHosting server just so I could make a server out of it. To cut to the chase, how do turn a mod pack into server jar, such as how Tekkit has it's actual mod pack, and it's server jar. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance, Cole
  4. Hi SX! Would you mind checking your messages? I have some questions I really need answered and I feel like you're the guy who could answer them.

  5. Thanks for your help Munaus, I really appreciate it, do you have any knowledge in the area? I am on a mac so that was a helpful tutorial but I'm struggling quite a bit, but I know the reward will be so worth it.
  6. Is there any noticeable differences when doing this for a Mac? Do you know what would go to MultiCraft if that's where I wanted to put it?
  7. Hello Everyone, I walked far to come here and ask if anyone can walk me through on how to turn my custom mod pack to a server pack, and upload it to MulitCraft. This is a large task but I really need help and any guidance is appreciated. This has been a real problem for me, so please respond if you have any wisdom. Help me Technic, you're my only Hope! Thanks for taking time out of your day, Cole
  8. Frinken Pope, what did they say? I'm having the same problem you had.
  9. Thanks Munaus, I'm sorry, I have come to technic, mine craft forum, and pretty much every mod pack because I need someone who can help me. I have a custom Modpack, MCProhosting, and I want to turn it into a private server. I've gone to the far reaches of the Internet to find how to make a custom mod pack server and nothing. So I guess,, does anyone here know how to do that?
  10. Hello Everyone! Hope you're all doing well, If someone could give me the name of who worked of the Attack of the B-Team Mod pack itself and server jar, that would be more than appreciated. I have a question directly concerning them and really would like to speak with them. If you don't know exactly but have an idea where to point me, either would be great. Thanks! Cole