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  1. IGN: McPlayerThaun I have played ALOT, i cant even say how many hours. I want to play on whitelist beacuse i dont want servers to be popular and i can know who im playing with exept unknown. Age: 13
  2. I need help! I cant login to my Technic Platform user. I can join the Technic Platform 1.0 But not the 2.0. I cant even register a new user with the username i have! If theres possible if you can delete McPlayerThaun and McPlayerThaun1. Or you can fix the login error! The email im trying to login to my: [email protected] My password: Nonono, Im not giving it out
  3. How do i make a Mod List on its own page in my modpack??
  4. *In-game name: McPlayerThaun *What do you think about the server: AWSOME! It dosent have Griefing on! That means that we dont we need to move if we get Griefed! *Is there anything we could improve on the server?: Nope! All i allright ;D!
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