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  1. hey would love to join your server and community. IGN: Leg_Wobbler Age: 18 Experience: Mostly railcraft and IC2 but i'm pretty knowledgeable in all of the mods
  2. Hey, would love to join the server and be apart of the community, i am 18 and have played a lot of tekkit. My IGN is Leg_Wobbler
  3. Hey my IGN is Leg_Wobbler, age 18 i would like to join and become apart of the community
  4. IGN: Leg_Wobbler Age: 18 I used to play loads of tekkit classic but not much of tekkit legends, hoping to gain some hours
  5. *Your in-game name: Crimson_IDOL_ *What do you think about the server?:It's pretty good, nice people havent been on for a long time but i can already tell I'm going to be staying for a long time! *Is there anything we could improve on the server?: There seems to be a lot of lag and can be unstable sometimes.