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  1. Hi TargetParadox I can no longer connect to your server. I log in but the server tells me that the versions are out of sync. What version of AotBTeam is it on because no version that I use allows me to play? Also, why does it keep restarting without any warning? Regards Adam
  2. In this episode as the EVIL Dr Scary I reveal my secret lair and how I've hidden it. With a handful of Dragon eggs I start my world domination and have a few discoveries and surprises in the Nether
  3. A Minecraft Survival Multiplayer series using the Attack of the B-Team mod pack. Expect some evil and twisted shenanigans on this awesome mod pack This episode is my first day on the server and start getting myself established as the EVIL Dr Scary >
  4. 1. Scarys_Revenge 2. http://www.youtube.com/adsleech >150 Sub, >140 videos. I use quality mic and headphones 3. I do lets plays, builds, game shows or anything that makes a good video 4. 43. Yes, I was born in 1971 and the grey is showing 5. I hope to think that I make good content. I'm very good at editing and making great, interesting videos 6. I don't mine getting pranked as long as it is fun and I can't wait to prank other players 7. Griefing is not my thing. I see griefing as bullying and a sign of jealousy
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