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  1. Still not allowing me to join! I've tried redownloading everything a million times and still no! I'm very sorry I have not been able to come online but I have to get this problem figured out. I don't believe it is with the server, something must be wrong with my computer. -Avenged
  2. So I'm glitched out thanks to Archemides ships mod and I won't be able to go on until I'm some how off my ship. Everytime I join it crashed the client. please tell owner to teleport me to spawn or destroy the helm or something please!!!! -Avenged
  3. For some odd reason I'm able to join other servers but when I get past logging in... it crashes my game for when I try to join this server. I could be in a glitched chunck? if it's possible to teleport me back to spawn? Because I should we able to join the server
  4. Seems that a glitch is going on with morph and not allowing people to join, including me every time I try to enter this server I crash, I was able to enter a different server with no problem. That could be because I have no morphs on there or something but idk if anyone is having the same problem and knows a solution please post
  5. Hey guys, try going to a different version like 1.0.6a and then load it. after that close the game and restart it but with the setting to play recommended build (1.0.9c) it fixed it for me
  6. Why you want to join: Been looking for a aotb server thats whitelisted and fun and yours looks like the one Your greatest Minecraft strengths I know the game in general well so I'm able to recite crafting recipes and facts and stuff about minecraft and my attack of b team knowledge grows larger every day! Your Minecraft Weaknesses Umm well I'm working on my building so I guess building, but it's starting to get better. How often you will be on I will be on as often as possible, but I do plan on working this summer so when I have free time I'll be online And my in game name is: Avenged_Miner Age: 17
  7. IGN: Avenged_Miner Age: 17 Skype: avenged_miner (working on getting better mic) Did You Read The Rules: Yes Why Do You Want To Join The Server: I've been looking for a friendly community with rules which happen to match yours, and a good set of staff and a 24/7 server How Much Do You Know About This Modpack: I know a fair amount of information on the modpack and am pretty good at some of the mods. Gender: Male
  8. What is your in game name? Avenged_Miner Why would you like to join our server? I've been looking for a nice whitelisted server with a great community and this seems to be the one How old are you? 17 What can you bring to the server? A welcoming and helping player Are you Friendly? Very Can you take a joke? Yup Can you tell when someone is joking about? Yes
  9. IGN: Avenged_Miner How Is The Server: Great no lag Any Suggestions: Not really other than keep up what ur doing!
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