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  1. IGN: noobsinapie Age Bracket: 15 TZ: PST Why this server?: Looking for a fun Attack of the B team server to start up my lets play series on.
  2. IGN: noobsinapie Real First Name: Eric Contact: Skype; PM for skype Location: West coast Canada Age: 15 Location: Carribean. Pros:Good PvP, decent builder, and quite good with machines Cons: Not amazing builder.
  3. So im looking to purchase a server, and i cannot find any hosts that will do it? Anyone know any hosts?
  4. IGN: noobsinapie Age: 15 Why do you want to play on this server: Im looking for a cool server to play on, and Im going to be posting videos of this on my youtube channel. What DO you like to do: I like to mine, and make machines and that sort of thing, I LOVE building but im not that great at it. What DONT you like to do: I dont really dislike any portion of the game. Experience with modpack: 4, im trying to learn more about it, and would love to share my learning experience with youtube. What is love: BABY DONT HURT ME! Squirtle or pickachu: Diglett
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