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  1. Got it working whit adding Libarrys from my Client mod ^^ not sure why i needet that but well..it works now ^^
  2. No im running the bteam.jar but i renamed it to Tekkit.jar becose the McMyAdmin console dosent support B-Team at the moment! Then i run it as Tekkit Server.. Also if i would change to MCPC+ i would have to start a new wolrd or not? Sorry for going offtopic but it seems like i found the peoples here i need for my questions
  3. How can you use that toolkit since i have to run forgeserver and not bukkit? There is somekind of error wen i try to start the B-Team.. I mean there isent even support for the B-Team so i take the Tekkit option and rename the Bteam.jar to Tekkit.jar this should work but it dosent -.-
  4. okay we have a dedicatet server running 2 minecraft mod packs¨! 1.B-Team >6GBram Lot of crashes n sh*t 2.Tekkit lite>4GB no problems at all So i wanna ask you guys what plugins do you use for forgeserver to manage your server besides McMyadmin. still 24GB ram left but somehow cant use them on B-Team
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