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  1. The title says it all i click play the minecraft window opens but the java window then it goes back to the launcher heres my log
  2. what do i write in to all of those i want to allow nether make it creative and be able to use gamemode and give myself things with NEI i dont know about the seed and i tried it before but when i type in the ip adress i wasnt able to connect it.i dont know what a server port is and what rcon is yeah thats probably it
  3. how do i do the properties and the config files
  4. yeah the title says it all tell me all the details plz cause i dont even know how to make a vanilla server
  5. we checked if it was the same error and did the dependancies file but it still doesnt work
  6. as the title says i cant sit on anything not only the furniture mod i cant sit on the passenger seat from archimedes' ships what can i do?
  7. my friend has the same error here's her log
  8. waila is working now thanks ill try the server again!
  9. I have 2 problems I use to have this thing that shows the name of the block and the creature but by mistake i pressed some thing and it doesnt show now This is mine And this is how its supposed to look like: How am i gonna fix that? and also when i try to connect ANY attack of the b-team server it gives me this error: I need help for those thanks
  10. Ada


    my friend has an error like this can you help? here's her log
  11. i installed the 64x version it works now
  12. I'm trying to install the sphax texture pack for attack of the b-team.The modpack is running perfectly but it just wont install the texture pack i open up resource packs in the video i watched he said "it might look like its gonna crash but it will load" but mine just looks like its gonna crash and then i doesnt do anything :/ it says v 1.6.2 it maybe because of that this is 1.6.4 can it be because of the version or do you think its something else?