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  1. IGN: Matt_O123 Skype name: matt_o1231 Age: 14 Why you want to join the server: to play attack of the b-team and have fun. I really like the mod pack and i want to play on a whitelisted server What mods you think you'll focus on: IC2 AE Thermal expansion
  2. IGN: Age:14 Skype Yes/No. No need to post your skype user, if accepted we can exchange through PM: yes matt_o1231 How often are you able to play: daily Youtube channel and are you interested in recording (saying yes makes no difference to application, just curious): no my computers not good enough Which mod pack/s are you most interested in: IC3 AE What type of builder are you, technical, creative? If you are able to provide a link to something you've built and want to show off please do: technical And the final common question, why do you want to join? No, I'm not really asking that. If yo
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