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  1. Glad I checked the forums today and saw this topic. Here goes nothing.... IGN: foooeey First Name: Jez Skype: I haz Age: 40 What I enjoy most in AtotBT: Geez, where to begin? I enjoy the machine aspects, Thermal Expansion, Minefactory Reloaded and the likes. Freedom of building with all those great new blocks that are available and don't get me started with carpenters blocks, chisel mod and micro blocks. Makes me happy to spend 4 hours building a simple farm building?!? But most of all it has to be bat mode for mining or squid morph for building under water. Write a paragraph: Well I've been playing this pack for a few months now and started a small server myself for some friends I'd been playing vanilla with. Interest from the originals started to drop so tried recruiting on these forums actually. That created a new bunch of players for a while but again interest started to drop off so I'm now the owner for one of those failing servers and been playing on my own for about a month . I'm not done with this pack and would like to be playing it online with others. I did record some episodes for the youtubes and would be happy to share a link if you'd like to see more of the person I am, what I've built in AtotBT and type of player I am. Not going to spam my channel it here, that would be cheesy (yayy, got it in here) but happy to share the details via PM if wanted. What else should I say, hmmmmm...well, I've been playing vanilla on multiplayer servers for quite a while so know how to behave and get involved with the community side. I do like it on a server when there is a central spawn or town where people can build a spawn house or similar. Creates that central community area where we can all come together, but at the same time I do like my retreat away elsewhere where I can get on and build my masterpiece of a base (not, but I try). Oh and one last thing. Although I have a server, its now dead apart from me and I don't have any intentions of pushing it again. I know exactly how difficult a decision it can be open up your community to new people and my days of owning & running a server are done with so I have no intentions of spamming your members with another server. Just wanted to reassure you of that. Ok, I'm done now, thanks for reading and all that jazz...
  2. Cool, welcome to our server. I'll drop you a PM with details of joining shortly. That's all the spots filled for now. If things change, I'll post an update.
  3. Thanks for the interest. I'll drop you a PM with joining details shortly. Good to have you on board
  4. sircreeper56 & Matt_O123, sorry guys the server is over 18. Hope you find another server that suits.
  5. Attack of the Blocknauts is a server I started with a few friends from our vanilla server (Blocknauts) about a little over a month ago. There's five of us playing, or have been playing, until now and we have room for some more. To start with we are looking for up to five new people but there's room for more perhaps later. Ok, so the server features: Currently running version 1.0.9c but we upgrade to the latest recommended build as soon as possible 24/7 up time Hosted in Canada, no lag even for me the other side of the Atlantic Friendly small mature community from different parts of the world Youtube/LP friendly - A few members already record and would happy to do collabs with others and offer support No expectations over must join community builds or event, stay at spawn or go out and build a place of your own PVP is allowed assuming the other player agrees All AOTBT mods enabled - only exception being Tornado damage to terrain is off Jokes/Pranks are welcomed PVP arena/area - when we started we planned to build one, but have all been having too much fun with mods to do it but it will be there one day! Everyones input is welcomed - although ultimately I pay the bill we have always worked on the basis of voting on anything important Rules: Mature server, so we are looking for 18+ No PVP on players who haven't agreed No griefing obviously Don't steal, if you are in need of something just ask. We're a friendly bunch who help each other out Language - we aren't saints but there's no need to say f**k every line and remember others may be recording Pranks - use common sense. No one wants to spend an hour clearing up ghost blocks every time they log on to play No cheating Witchery - yes it's cool but don't go overboard on using it to annoy others If you can't play for a few weeks, that's totally ok we all have lives but please let us know so we don't think we've lost you! Respect others - we're here to relax and enjoy a game So, if you are interested please leave a reply with the following info: IGN: Age: Skype Yes/No. No need to post your skype user, if accepted we can exchange through PM: How often are you able to play: Youtube channel and are you interested in recording (saying yes makes no difference to application, just curious): Which mod pack/s are you most interested in: What type of builder are you, technical, creative? If you are able to provide a link to something you've built and want to show off please do: And the final common question, why do you want to join? No, I'm not really asking that. If you are responding then I guess you are looking to play this great mod pack online with others, but if you do want to say something then feel free. Ok, that's about it from me. Thanks for reading and hope there's some interest. I'll leave you with one of our current players LP episodes, DemoTKS, from around the time the server started to give a taster of who we are. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q-yayyTReUs&list=PLgtmSP3Kkm8tn7c5PUctsOLGdKjXr6Lzj&feature=share&index=14
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