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  1. it still seems to be white-listed, can you give any info about when the server should be fixed fixed?
  2. i tryed to join and it worked fine at first, however today it said i needed to be on a whitelist? if it became a white list can you pleas add me (the provided links didnt bring me anywere but here) thank you! IGN lordjohn2000
  3. hi sorry i dont know much about hosting servers but would love to be part of the whitelist once the server gets online, thanks! IGN: lordjohn2000
  4. 1. How old are you? 15 2. Where do you live? Central US 3. Are you new to mods? [Yes or no] No. 4. What do you plan on doing on the server? be a part of the community and explor the mods 5. How much do you play? normaly every day 6. Do you record for youtube? No 7. What is your Skype name? [this is a requirement] Garkesh 8. Have you been banned from a server before? If Yes, why was you banned? No 9. Why do you want to join my server? im tired of the lag and griefing of public servers 10. Do you accept the rules? Yes
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