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  1. Hi night, I'm the witch, I'm in side a corrupted chunck, wondering if you can help me, crashing every time I join......
  2. Plz put the chunk loader mod into this mod pack, need it for lots of things! Like pumping lava from nether to overworld mod grinder energy and lots of other things!
  3. I'm sometime having trouble login into a server, I have a paid account, but sometimes I open two launcher at once(with me logged in) and I close one and play the other one, it will say bad login help!
  4. HI! I'm Enderwitch, or the Darkwitch Just want to ask what version of the attack of the B team mudpack you guys are using?
  5. 1. How old are you? 18 2. Where do you live? Australia 3. Are you new to mods? [No] 4. What do you plan on doing on the server? Start working on witchery/Thermal expansion. 5. How much do you play? Every day 6. Do you record for youtube? Sometimes 7. What is your Skype name? Enderwitch 8. Have you been banned from a server before? If Yes, why was you banned? No 9. Why do you want to join my server? So I can play a server with mod pack 10. Do you accept the rules? Yes 11. What is your minecraft name EnderwitchMC
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