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  1. ​Here is Delta all ready to help with the synapse. Cheers, Hope you make it in too
  2. Deltawolf is about to apply I really hope he makes it! We are gathering as many people as we can to dedicate their time to the synapse. we have a really cool project about to launch.
  3. The synapse is launching by the end of the week careful as the shards can be a very dangerous area to approach
  4. ​Sweet man it really looks like the servers gonna pickup in only a few short days and I love the fact that no mods are banned because that means I can make a town of shops and land for people to buy and put their own shops in. (I really hope roleplay becomes part of this server)
  5. ​Thanks, ill be on tomorrow morning and juicemoose24 We arent sure if it has any capitals on the j but try both not caps and with caps turned on if you accept he s making his application right now
  6. IGN (Minecraft name) - H3Games Age - 14 nearly 15 Why do you want to join this server? - I have tried to host my own for myself and a couple of friends but I just dont have the money for a 24/7 server so I came to the technicpack website looking for a server and yours looks promising because I can use all the mods I need. How often would you play? - 4-6 hours a day more on weekends depends on homework/other plans. Do you use Teamspeak? - I do not as of right now but I know my way around it so if you want me to I can join it. Any other info you feel is necessary - I need to know the version of the server if i'm accepted so that I can download that one nvm that is in the title. also I am rather experienced with mods so if people were to need help with a mod and its recipes, items, uses, power type, etc. I could help them. 1 last thing is that I might have a few friends who are also my age and have fair knowledge of mods who may apply here and idk maybe if I mention them they might get in easier: Juicemoose24, zapgun7, davis68, and ZzDeltaWolfzZ. might apply as well as me. I hope you accept my application, have a great evening!
  7. Age (be honest - there's no shame): 14 Where did you find out about this server? This page Why do you wish to join this server? I have been looking for an attack of the b team server for far too long I looked through this page and you seem really nice so of course I want to join your server Do you have any prior knowledge of the B-Team Modpack? Tons, yes I know a lot about the mods What do you hope to try out / achieve on the server? everything nah jk I just want to work on all the mods I can to become the best I can to help the server and eventually destroy all other players oh wait I mean uhh... Help them more. Cake or Death? Well is it the cake from portal? if so its a lie... If not of course cake. Mmmm cake
  8. I will be recording most likely on the server once I feel I have got a good living place and am a little bit into some mods of course I do have to be accepted first till then I will play HAWKEN YAY
  9. IGN: H3Games REAL FIRST NAME: Zac CONTACT: xxdarkwolf117xx over Skype AGE: I'm 14 almost there D: LOCATION: London, Ontario Pros: I know a lot about the mod pack, I'm always able to help, I can and will be making/creating/giving things for server members Cons: As I will be on quite a bit there will be nights and some parts of days I will just vanish for personal reasons sorry D: Thanks for reading and I really hope you accept me.
  10. Hey I'm here to make a dual app IGN: H3Games Friends IGN: zapgun7 Age (You Must Be 13+): he is 14 i'm almost 14 Skype: xxdarkwolf117xx. His: Lachlan Gallahger Did You Read The Rules:Yes both of us did. Why Do You Want To Join The Server: We both love this modpack and need a server that wont restart or shutdown for long periods of time How Much Do You Know About This Modpack: Almost everything Him: Same'ol'deal Gender:Both Male
  11. Hello I now have youtube and plan to upload vids of my friends and i on the server https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCC4jvoPWNa9kma2Or0EAcog
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