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  1. Name: Nathan Age: 19 In Game Name: radionathannz Location: Christchurch, NZ Skype/Steam Account name: radionathan Name of Youtube Channel (If you have one): How long have you been playing Minecraft: 1 Year Why I should pick you: im looking for a server where people will be willing to colab/work with me, I like the possibilities this pack adds to building and love the technical side of things. Im hoping with people being from timezones around me ill be able to work with others more. Id also look at maybe LP'ing or streaming my work on the server down the line
  2. 1.Radionathannz 2. dont currently have one, looking at streaming mostly but also open to starting an LP 3. Willing To do letsplay: Definitely 4. 19 5.Make quality content: Always, Quality over quantity 6. Pranks make it more fun 7. Never Grief others stuff
  3. Hey, my IGN is radionthannz, i want a server i casn build stuff on whithout people wrecking it all the time. im 19 and from NZ.
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