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  1. IP- A great ANARCHY, attack of the b team server. 55 slots 100% Public. Very Little Lag. Grief kill and do what ever and as much as you want. Up To 16 GB of ram to be used.
  2. IP- 100 % ANARCHY 55 slots 24-7 all day long unless someone crashes the server. Do anything you want. Up to 16 gb of ram to be used. NO LAGG ONLY ONE RULE HAVE FUN!!
  3. IP= 100% ANARCHY. PVP,PVE, Kill all you want. Commands- /sethome /home /tpa /tpaccept /tpadeny
  4. An Attack Of The B Team Server that has no rules and is 100% ANRACHY. PVP, Griefing, PVE, An anything else! IP is
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