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  1. great you asked for an eta now the technic team has to push the release back five mins
  2. IGN:Havocphantom Age: 18 Have you ever been banned on any server?: no Experience with minecraft: vanilla:i have been playing for a years and a half. modded: about a year Why do you want to join Galaxy Unlimited server?: because I am sick of playing on a server for 3 days and being at end game plus the small ban list gives me a ton of options for what I can do
  3. why do people never go for the furnace factory idea just because its not practical and there really is no reason why that would be usefull
  4. well since most of if not all the mods in volt are updated I don't think we are going to have a save breaking update
  5. there seems to be a bug were my client will close without giving a crash log whenever I try to rejoin the server
  6. you may want to move the default spawn point its like 200 blocks from a tainted land biome
  7. Name: Joseph Age: 18 in game name: Havocphantom what country : America why should I join?: I enjoy working with others and using the mods
  8. In this version of buildcraft pipes also have no energy loss
  9. Did you have night vision on when you were in the space station?
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