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  1. Do you have a second portal somewhere? i destroyed the one in you tower, but that doesn't seem to have worked

  2. sorry but it wont let me go to the website to paste the new modpack that you created with other mods, it wont take me to the site to get the new pack, and it wont accept the mods when i download the new mods into it could you tell me a process on how to put the mods into the modpack or atleast just give me the id to put into the add new modpack thing. thanks.
  3. sorry there was a glitch and it posted a second message so i edited it to this.
  4. im still on right? because unclecj(me),tippytje,and mushwolf cant get in, is this intentional?
  5. Name: Unclecj i want to join this server because i like servers where i can be in a community and no random people can come and steal all my items i am 16 years old i am nice and willing to help anyone in need of service i am friendly like i said i will help anyone in need i can take a joke as long as it isn't too extreme like a house makeover but in all i can take a joke and tell when someone is just being silly -i would love to join this server, waiting to hear back. also how do i get the mods to get on ther server and what is the ip?
  6. Minecraft Username: Unclecj are you over 16: yes do you plan to post footage on youtube: no why do you want to join: i want to join because i like servers where we can act like a community and not run and hide to the corners of the globe.
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