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  1. In-game Name: Trollosaurus_Rex Age: 20 (not sure if age was suggested or required, but I assure you, I'm quite mature, despite my name) Reason you want to join: Me and friend(also age 20) are looking to get into the pack and are looking for a good server to do so, and we want a white listed server to avoid you general server annoyances. Experience: Been playing minecraft for about 4 years now, and have thorough experience with the modding scene. Until the last few updates to the mod, I liked to consider myself an expert when it came to the Witchery mod, my personal favorite. What will you be doing: Me and my friend will probably be doing everything, though I will most likely be focusing more on the sorcery mods Thank for the consideration, hope to see you on the server soon.
  2. Do you have a second portal somewhere? i destroyed the one in you tower, but that doesn't seem to have worked

  3. In-gamename (for the whitelist); trollosaurus_rex Country of origin (Iits okay if you want to keep it private): United States Of America Age: 17 (Birthday June 22) Do you have skype? And if yes, are you willing to be in a skype group?: I do not currently use skype, but would be willing to create an account if needed Motivation for wanting wanting to join: I just want a server where I will be able to enjoy my playing experience, with being annoyed by griefs, spammers, etc. I have played on white listed mod pack servers before, and it is much more enjoyable than public servers,because you can generally trust people not to decimate your base with tnt and lava Confirm you are human by typing a random string of characters (Example: eadfdafe): A Completely Random String of Characters asnfjknfjkasnlfjkasnkfjnsajklfnasklfjasnklasfj Also, if my application is denied, feel free to reply saying so, and I will remove it, so it does not clutter up your forum.
  4. I am currently 17, but birthday is in June I am tired of playing on servers that have a bad community, or lots of lag. In my history of playing, I have found white-listed servers generally offer a much better playing experience. I would label my self as an explorer+builder All I really expect is a community that will not be annoying to play with, and hopefully a lag free server I will not personally record, but would be willing to be in other peoples videos I would have to play on the server for a while, before i know whether or not would want to donate.( No offense to the server, just rather poor) I OK on smaller things, but unfortunately not very good at anything large scale Currently I do not know much about anything other than the witchery mod, with the exception of tropi-craft, which i have had a lot of experience with. {so happy it is finally updated } I plan to be on as much as possible, but may be off for periods of time( getting ready fro college, so very busy currently) wolf, duh (btw I think you should make it lion, because lot of people would guess wolf, because server is named Wolverism P.S.-In regards to rule #5, are you aware you can set it so a kill due to pvp will not drop someones items, while an environmental kill( such as lava, fire, mobs, falling, etc.) will cause people to drop their items?
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