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  1. In Game Name (IGN):epicdude2000th Age (18+):19 Specialty i.e builder, great with the mods, etc. (this will not effect your chances of being in):redstoneer/scientist (ok at buliding) Location (country wise nothing specific)(the server is being hosted in Houston, Texas):uk,devon dont mine lag got a good computer Why you would like to join:bored playing by myself and love to meat new people in a nice inevroment
  2. IGN:epicdude2000th Age:15 Reason for wanting to join:i love attack of the b-team but hate the greffing so i what to go on a whitelisted sever to have fun im lookin for a surver where we can have a fun time and help peaple when there stuck favorite mod:advaned gen/thermal expantoin they work well together mod experience(how long have u been playing with mods):tekkit 2.7 Skype(Y/N):n
  3. *In-game name:epicdude2000th *What do you think about the server:i think it a great fun server especially the faction part *Is there anything we could improve on the server?: i think i could make the server better for everyone like give warning to those who swear (because of the little kids) give help when needed just make the server friendlier
  4. (ign)epicdude2000th yea i hate it to Reason of wanting to join:i love attack of the b-team servers but i hate the grefing that come with it and i know how to do the things on most mods and i would love to help Your favorite mod: is advance genetics/ thermal expantion age:15 skype nope youtube:nope
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