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  1. update java, update launcher and put bteam to 1.0.8. NAILED IT I AM THE HAPPIEST DEAD GUY IN THE WORLD!!!!!!! :):):):):)
  2. brain-wave ~~~~~~ Update Java to 1.7... 1.7 java should work with the config of launcher...
  3. taking out better storage did not work...
  4. re-installing launcher had no effect
  5. don't delete, just take out. may not b prob
  6. deleting launcher and re-installing completely. then trying to delete better storage mod (in update) because i had a look at config of it and it seemed slightly fishy… did not seem to react with some mods very well...
  7. someone might at more sensible hours of the day...
  8. sadpanda…. reseting does not work
  9. reseting after updating launcher... no last time did not work
  10. I am restating pack. Might work???
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