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  1. Hello Reader! Are you looking for a closely-knitted community that would really give that “Mindcrack” feel, We are here to provide that for you. This server would be run by the community therefore; any plugins on the server (if any at all!) would be decided by the community and if you feel the server is too laggy then the community can decide on whether or not they want the server upgraded. Also with the addition to having a great community there will be NO banned item or mods. Our goal is to give the players on this server the most "single player" like experience we can! We will accommodate
  2. I'm just going to say, I have now updated the post with our new whitelist application. To get to it click this link www.kingdomscity.com/bteam
  3. The server was moving onto our dedi but there have been some problems with the dedi so our hosting company has reinstalled everything. This means the server won’t be up for a few more hours but it will be up today. Sorry for the inconvenience
  4. Update - All ranks today would have been lost due to permissions messing up so if you had a staff rank please message me to get it back!
  5. Hello everyone, I am hosting an attack of the bTeam, Teamspeak server. We are only open for anyone to join. On the Teamspeak server just join and have fun! The aim of this is to bring the bTeam community together so we can all help each other and really make something of this new mod by coming together. The server has mods that you will be able to contact if they are needed, main staff members are Bolly12321 (Bolly), Sposha & Spazmonkey05. So feel free to contact us if you need our help Teamspeak ip: ts3.kingdomscity.com Rules - Use common sense when chatting and have fun. If
  6. It's so the server can run smoothly without crashing, lagging plus to add something for people to get if they donate. e.g. If someone donated they could get a rank or something to show there appreciation to the server.
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