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  1. Server IP - TPPI.KingdomsCity.com Website - www.KingdomsCity.com Donation Store - Shop.KingdomsCity.com
  2. Please copy and paste. Fill out and then post a reply! Ingame Name: Age: Why you want to join: Skype Name (PM me if you want it to be private): How well do you know this mod pack: Do you agree to the rules? Website: www.KingdomsCity.com Donation Store: www.KingdomsCity.com/shop TeamSpeak: TS3.KingdomsCity.com
  3. Hello this is the link to the banned items list http://www.kingdomscity.com/forum/m/17934121/viewthread/12580847-bteam-banned-itemsmods
  4. After a few days of downtime due to our dedicated server having a few issues the server is up and people are joing like normal!
  5. +More items been added to the donation shop +Check out our feedback: http://www.kingdomscity.com/home/m/17952506/article/2299018
  6. Anyone can join. Also our in-game shop will be up on the 14th since we are still finalizing a few things for it!
  7. Hello, I was wondering if there was anyone that could help me out with a plugin. So basicly I have ClearLagg which has been working perfectly but yesterday instead of it working it would say ----------------------------------------- Clearlagg Commands ----------------------------------------- And the plugin would not work. Then I went on to reinstalling it and making sure it was the right version and everything but still I get the same thing. If anyone can help me out with this, please say!
  8. I would like to thank everyone who has joined over the past few days! It's been great with now an average of 20 people on at once with almost no lag (you can never not always have no lag) and handling outstanding well! If you think you want to join the server it's open to everybody who wants to join. Just use this ip: bteam.kingdomscity.com
  9. You stole from a chest but I'm going to give you a second chance and if we find that you have broken the rules you will get banned again. Take this as a last chance
  10. I think you will find thats not completly true. We have two bteam servers one you can and one you don't have too.
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