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  1. IGN: Kahzz Age: 17 Time Zone: Eastern time Ever been banned?: nope How long have you played minecraft: about 2-3 years Additional info.: Just trying to join a whitelisted server were we have fun and all get along with each others.
  2. IGN: Kahzz Age (Don't have to say):16 Skype (you may PM me if you wish):Fulzagaming Why would you like to join the server?: I like having fun and meeting new people and i enjoy play attack of the b team Why would other people want you to be on the server?:Because I'm friendly and like to meet new people will help others if they need stuff or if they need any type of help.
  3. IGN: Kahzz Skype: Fulzagaming Youtube:Need to find a server to start Best mine craft talent:Redstone Building Age:16 Anything else:Im really cool want to meet new people and enjoy playing!!
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