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  1. Seems to be working so far. I removed the thumb drive so there was no 64-bit Java present on the system, downloaded and installed 64-bit Java, rebooted, and started up Technic without the thumb drive plugged in. I'm able to load up a modpack and play. How did you know to remove RivaTuner? Thanks so much for the solution and quick replies!
  2. Ok RivaTuner is uninstalled, but I will have to continue this tomorrow. I'll install 64-bit Java and test it out first thing. Thank you for the help so far.
  3. Technic log: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/12960260/ Java error: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/12960317/
  4. The launcher will not open if 64-bit Java has been installed, even if 32-bit Java is also installed. 32-bit Java has to be the only Java present on the system. My one and only workaround for this at the moment is to install 64-bit Java on a thumb drive and plug it in AFTER I've opened the Technic Launcher, so that I can choose it in the Java settings and increase the max RAM available. If 64-bit Java is installed on the system, the launcher will load for less than a second and then close, and then a Java error report will be saved where the launcher is located. Attached is one such error report along with a log file from the .technic roaming folder. The Java version is jre1.8.0_65. My OS in Windows 10, with 16GB RAM. Let me know if you need any more information about my system to tackle this issue. hs_err_pid11128.log techniclauncher_2015-10-25.log
  5. Since the update, my users and I have only experienced Java-related crashes, which were easily handled with ye old Java uninstall/re-install "fix." I'll be watching this thread to see what new issues our collective server members can come up with
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