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  1. IGN: Revol187 (that is a lowercase "L" after the letter "o") NAME(OPTIONAL): Revol AGE: 27 LOCATION: Washington JOB? Yes SMOKE? DRINK? Occasional "recreational" smoking | Cognac, Rum, Whiskey, Bourbon and the occasional Vodka/Tequila NIGHT OWL/ EARLY BIRD? Night Owl Know any good seeds to use for a map? Not that I know of Know any good mods that we could add to AotBT? It's fine the way it is, however there are some mods that are finicky: Flan's, Mr. Crayfish Furniture Mod, Minions Tell a little about yourself: Currently trying to get into a graduate school program (Master's Degree). In relation to MC and modded MC, I enjoy machine mods and automation. I also like to keep things clean, concise, and efficient; in-game building using modular, modern-style architecture
  2. I can't seem to connect to the server. Revol187, the letter after the "o" is a lowercase "L".
  3. Minecraft username: Revol187 Where you found this server? Technic Forums Why you want to be on this sever? I'd like to start playing MC again using the newer AOTBT modpack. I figured a whitelisted server would be far better than public What are you planning on doing on the server? Build, explore, have fun Your favourite colour? Red
  4. IGN: Revol187 Why you would be a good addition to the server: I have played on several white-listed servers in the past (Vanilla, FTB Ultimate, FTB Mindcrack) before taking a hiatus from the game. I'd like to start playing again with a new server/mod pack. I enjoy building and exploring with the community. Age: 27
  5. IGN: Revol187 Age (You Must Be 13+): 27 Skype: Did You Read The Rules: Yes Why Do You Want To Join The Server: I have played vanilla, FTB Ultimate, and FTB Mindcrack white-listed servers in the past. I would like to start again with this new modpack. How Much Do You Know About This Modpack: Only a few things that I have seen from youtube videos: Generikb/Bdoubleo100 Gender: Male
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