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  1. That is a great idea, Jack. I aprove it.
  2. I found out that Scott released a Isabella TexturePack Version for Technic. Check it out, it may help you: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/882510-scotts-unofficial-isabella-mod-support-center-31112/ Search for "UNOFFICIAL Remixes".
  3. They mentioned another thread. Maybe if you search something like "offline nickname" you'll be able to find it or something. Or search for configuration files near TechnicLauncher's folder. Maybe they can help you too. You never know.
  4. You could get Isabella's unnoficial mod support files and then mod'em too. It's not made specifically for Tekkit or Technic but it worked great here (with the exception of Millenaire).
  5. Check both Tekkit versions, server and clientwise. And maybe Download the server again.
  6. Yeah. It is called satisfaction. People tend to overlook RP2 thinking that it is about Redstone only. It is as awesome as either Industrialcraft or Buildcraft. The covers have so much to offer, and then you have the tubes, and the in-tube item manipulation machines, and and and :D
  7. I haven't found a way for NEI Cheat Mode to work with PermissionsBukkit without giving /op permissions. I wanted to make a Testing Building Temporary World that everyone could use NEI as they wished, but I don't want them to be able to do /stop, /deop, /ban... Also, PermissionsBukkit is very cool and useful once you understand how Bukkit Permissions work.
  8. Copy the entire /.techniclauncher/ folder into the USB and copy it to the %appdata% of the computer you wish to use. Then get offline (for it to always work) and open the launcher. Now play offline. G'luck teching (I misspeled that, but ok). Try not to blow their minds with this awesome blocky game (and RedPower 2).
  9. This issue has been resolved several times. It's solution is in the frequented asked questions. Go to /technicssp/config/ and edit NEI.cfg. Change one of the first lines, the one that says something like "recipe mode lock" from false to true. If I can't help properly, use the search feature in the forums and find a best answer yourself. You can do it. ;)
  10. SPOILERS I did it by flying through it and using the alternative function of the ring, that makes so blazes can't hit you.
  11. Keep your zip file at hand! Always! Okay. My progress. Possible spoilers! SPOILERS! Inserted some Vis at the portal, after learning what Void Runes did, and got to the 'Nexus', as I call it. Got some vis running and got through a portal. Unfortunally, the vis I got for the Nexus wasn't enough to send me back, so I had to fly all the way back to the first village. Damn... On second though, I should have repaired that nether portal and taken the short way. Now I'll keep developing my base at Japanese Village island and after some more resources gotten, exploring the ways to go from the Ne
  12. GOD I HATE FLYING VIS CRYSTALS. THEY LAG EVERYTHING! Flying battles with lag is not cool :(
  13. Downloading! Will try out once the download is finished. Edit: Died collecting glowstone.
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